(USA, 2005, 90 minutes)

Three backpackers check into a Eastern European hostel, unaware they are to become victims of a deadly underground ring. Thoroughly unpleasant shocker that revels in its gory, sadistic details, but is unable to redeem them through either style or storytelling.

Screen Gems, Lions Gate Films and Quentin Tarantino present a Next Entertainment/Raw Nerve production. Starring Jay Hernandez, Derek Richardson, Eythor Gudjundsson, and Rick Hoffman. Directed and written by Eli Roth; produced by Mike Fleiss, Eli Roth and Chris Briggs; music by Nathan Barr; director of photography, Milan Chadima; production and costume designer, Franco-Giacomo Carbone; special make-up effects created and supervised by Gregory Nicotero and Howard Berger; film editor, George Folsey Jr.


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