(Portugal, 2004, 106 minutes)

The daily lives of foreign immigrants in Lisbon. Affecting if uneven documentary that makes some powerful points about modern-day immigration; however, it suffers from concentrating too much on one particular group of immigrants (from Eastern Europe) and is a tad overlong — ironically, since it had originally been cut as a 60-min piece formatted for television and was expanded into feature length for cinema release.

An Atalanta Filmes release. A Faux production, supported by ICAM, in association with YLE—Teema, with the collaboration of Parc de la Villette. Directed by Serge Tréfaut; produced by Serge Tréfaut and Patrícia Faria; researched by Patrícia Faria and Luísa Nora; camera, João Ribeiro; sound, Olivier Blanc; film editor, Pedro Marques.


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