(USA, 2005, 84 minutes)

A vampire warrior steals the secret weapon that the establishment has created to wipe out its race — a cloned child that carries an antigene in its blood. Astoundingly inept and virtually incomprehensible sci-fi actioner strongly inspired by Asian cinema and comic-books, with shoddy production values and trick effects; whether the general incompetence was inbuilt or a result of studio meddling does not excuse just how unimagineably bad this all is.

A Screen Gems presentation/production. Starring Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright, Nick Chinlund, and William Fichtner. Directed and written by Kurt Wimmer; produced by John Baldecchi; music by Klaus Badelt; additional music by David Porter; director of photography, Arthur Wong Ngok Tai; production designer, Choo Sung Pong; costume designer, Joseph Porro; film editor, William Yeh; visual effects supervisor, Victor Wong; fight choreography, Mike Smith.


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