(Italy/France/USA, 2005, 87 minutes)

An actress shooting a film about Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem undergoes a spiritual transformation and abandons her career; a year later, as the film is about to open in New York, a TV journalist investigating modern religion has his own spiritual crisis. Thought-provoking melodrama whose loose, unfinished structure actually works in favour of its interrogation of spirituality, carried by strong acting.

Fernando Sulichin and Roberto de Nigris present a De Nigris/Central Films production in association with Pan-Européenne Productions, with the participation of Associated Filmmakers and Wild Bunch. Starring Juliette Binoche, Forest Whitaker, Matthew Modine, and Heather Graham; with Stefania Rocca; and the participation of Marion Cotillard. Directed by Abel Ferrara; produced by Fernando Sulichin and Roberto de Nigris; written by Simone Lageoles, Mario Isabella and Abel Ferrara; music by Francis Kuipers; director of photography, Stefano Favilene; production designer, Frank de Curtis; costume designers, Frank de Curtis and Silvia Nebiolo; film editors, Fabio Nunziata and Langdon G. Page.


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