Movimentos Perpétuos - Cine-Tributo a Carlos Paredes

(Portugal, 2006, 68 minutes)

A documentary on the late Portuguese guitarist Carlos Paredes, interspersing archival footage and sound of his performances and interviews with visual improvisations on his music. Elaborate arthouse piece that doubles as a genuinely revealing documentary on its subject while keeping in check its director’s usual out-there experimental trappings.

A Lusomundo release. A Corda Seca production, supported by ICAM, Instituto das Artes and :2. Featuring interviews with Malangatana, Rui Vieira Nery, José Jorge Letria, José Carlos Vasconcelos, Novo de Matos, José Manuel Oliveira, Alfredo de Matos, Avelino Tavares, Paulo Rocha. Directed, photographed and manipulated by Edgar Pêra; produced by João Pinto Sousa; research by Cláudia Gavinho; film editors, Pedro Machado and Luís Henriques.


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