The World's Fastest Indian

(New Zealand/Japan/Switzerland, 2005, 126 minutes)

The true story of a New Zealand enthusiast who, well into his sixties and diagnosed with angina, travelled all the way to the USA and took the land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats with a home-tuned 1920s Indian Twin Scout motorcycle. Old-fashioned and immensely likeable true-life story carried by a cheerful, emotional lead performance that, despite uneven scripting, would have made a good 1940s big-studio star vehicle; its wholesome, easy-going attitude looks somewhat lost in a more cynical era.

OLC/Rights Entertainment and Tanlay present, in association with the New Zealand Film Production Fund, the New Zealand Film Commission and 3 Dogs and a Pony, a Donaldson-Hannam production. Starring Anthony Hopkins, Diane Ladd, Aaron Murphy. Directed and written by Roger Donaldson; produced by Roger Donaldson and Gary Hannam; music by J. Peter Robinson; director of photography, David Gribble; production designers, J. Dennis Washington (USA) and Rob Gillies (New Zealand); costume designers, Nancy Cavallaro (USA) and Jane Holland (New Zealand); film editor, John Gilbert.


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