When a Stranger Calls

(USA, 2006, 84 minutes)

A high school student babysitting at a country house finds herself stalked over the phone by a mysterious stranger who seems to know her every move. Efficient remake of a minor horror classic that effectively keeps only the original’s first third and extends over it a full-length B thriller that does what it is supposed to do without much ado, much helped by a convincing lead and good production values.

Screen Gems presents a Davis Entertainment production. Starring Camilla Belle, Brian Geraghty, Katie Cassidy, David Denman; and Clark Gregg. Directed by Simon West; produced by Ken Lemberger, John Davis and Wyck Godfrey; screenplay by Jake Wade Wall, based on the original screenplay by Steve Feke and Fred Walton; music by James Dooley; director of photography, Peter Menzies Jr.; production designer, Jon Gary Steele; costume designer, Marie Sylvie Deveau; film editor, Jeff Betancourt.


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