(USA, 2005, 73 minutes)

A smalltown doll factory worker who has struck a friendship with one of her co-workers resents the new, younger girl who comes in as a temp. Low-budget smalltown character study that develops into a whodunit without the mystery, shot on location in high-definition video with a non-professional local cast; basically another experiment for an endlessly playful filmmaker, though one that will certainly confuse his most mainstream followers. Shot for $1.7 million as the first of six low-budget films meant for simultaneous release in theatres, on DVD and on pay-per-view cable television.

A Magnolia Pictures/2929 Entertainment/HDNet Films release. HDNet Films presents in association with 2929 Entertainment an Extension 765 production. Starring Debbie Doebereiner, Dustin Ashley, Misty Wilkins, Decker Moody, K. Smith. Directed by Steven Soderbergh; produced by Gregory Jacobs; written by Coleman Hough; music by Robert Pollard; director of photography, Peter Andrews (Steven Soderbergh); costume supervisor, Garet Reilly; film editor, Mary Ann Bernard (Steven Soderbergh).


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