Qing Hong

Shanghai Dreams

(China, 2005, 120 minutes)

In the early 1980s in the Chinese province of Guizhou, a quiet young teenager sees her first romance thwarted by her bitter father, who moved from Shanghai years earlier at the Party’s behest. Quietly tragic melodrama of unrequited puppy love used as a metaphor for generation and social gaps, that proceeds at a glacially slow pace but with mesmerizing attention to detail and assured handling and scripting.

Stellar Megamedia Group, Debo Films and Kingwood Culture present, in association with Fortissimo Films, a Qin Hong/Yang Lin presentation of a Wang Xiaoshuai Workshop production. Starring Gao Yuanyuan, Li Bin, Yao Anlian, Wang Xueyang. Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai; produced by Pi Li; written by Lao Ni and Wang Xiaoshuai; director of photography (Kantana Animation), Wu Di; production designer, Li Huatong; costume designer, Pang Yan; film editor, Yang Hongyu.


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