98 Octanas

(Portugal, 2006, 94 minutes)

A man on the run and a woman travelling without aim meet on a highway rest area; he gives her a lift and they start an awkward relationship. Aimless, plotless road movie whose stilted dialogue and non-existant characters make it very hard to sit through, despite excellent visuals and credits.

Paulo Branco presents a Clap Filmes production in association with ICAM and RTP. Starring Rogério Samora, Carla Chambel, Márcia Breia, Fernando Heitor, Joaquim Leitão. Directed by Fernando Lopes; produced by Paulo Branco; screenplay by João Lopes and Fernando Lopes, based on the short piece "98 Octanas" by Diogo Seixas Lopes; music by Bernardo Sassetti; director of photography, Edmundo Díaz; production and costume designer, Zé Branco; film editors, Miguel Ceitil and Fernando Lopes.


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