(Hong Kong, 2004, 89 minutes)

A former star actress seeking to regain her youth and reconquer her straying husband tries a secret recipe for dumplings cooked by a mysterious woman. Expansion of one of the episodes in the excellent Three... Extremes horror compendium into a stylish, striking full-length feature; essentially brooding social satire posing as adult, mature horror, impeccably presented, but lacking some of the economy of the shorter version.

A Fortissimo Films presentation of an Applause Pictures production. Starring Miriam Yeung, Bai Ling; special appearance by Tony Ka-Fai Leung. Directed by Fruit Chan; produced by Peter Ho-Sun Chan; written by Lilian Lee; music by Chan Kwong-Wing; director of photography, Christopher Doyle; production designer, Yee Chung-Man; costume designer, Dora Ng; film editors, Tin Sam Fat and Chan Ki-Hop.


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