Invisible Waves

(Thailand/Netherlands/South Korea/Hong Kong, 2005, 118 minutes)

A killer finds out his employer has no wish to keep him alive after killing his wife. Moody, muted, phantasmagorical melodrama that has quite a way with handling but, despite an intriguing first half, ends up not really going anywhere.

A Fortissimo Films presentation/production in co-production with Dedicate, Focus Films, CJ Entertainment and Fapuk Alatan. Starring Tadanobu Asano, Gang Hye-Jung, Ken Mitsuishi, Maria Cordero, Eric Tsang. Directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang; produced by Michael J. Werner and Wouter Barandrecht; written by Prabda Yoon; music by Hualampong Riddim; director of photography, Christopher Doyle; production designer, Saksiri Chantarangsri; costume designers, Visa Kongka and Takeo Kikuchi; film editor, Patamanadda Yukol.


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