Casa de Lava

Down to Earth

(Portugal/France/Germany, 1994, 109 minutes)

A Portuguese nurse accompanies a comatose Cape-Verdean worker back to his home town, and finds herself thrust into a community she feels lost in. Elliptical, stylized melodrama whose narrative shortcomings are compensated by the powerful mood of eerie alienation it conjures.

Paulo Branco presents a Madragoa Filmes/Gemini Films/Pandora Film production, with the participation of IPACA, RTP and CNC, with the support of the European Script Fund. Starring Inês Medeiros, Isaach de Bankolé, Edith Scob, Pedro Hestnes, Raul Andrade. Directed and written by Pedro Costa; original music, Raul Andrade; director of photography, Emmanuel Machuel; art director, Maria José Branco; wardrobe, Rosa Lopes Alves; editor, Dominique Auvray.


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