Analog Days

(USA, 2006, 80 minutes)

A year in the life of struggling, alienated teenagers in a Californian town. Low-budget, amateurish portrait of suburban alienation that is chockfull of unrealized ideas but captures a genuine sense of disaffection among the mess.

A Jennifer Shahin production for Sound Virus Productions. Featuring Chad Cunningham, Brett L. Tinnes, Ivy Khan, Granger Green; and Ryan E. Johnsen. Directed and written by Mike Ott; produced by Jenifer Shahin; music by Derek Fudesco, Alec Puro and Ryan Rehm; directors of photography (colour; digital video blown up to 35mm), Jason Joel Harris and Jay Keitel; production designer, Cora Foxx; costume designer, Roshni Sharma; film editor, Lane Farnham.


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