Friss Levegö

Fresh Air

(Hungary, 2006, 109 minutes)

A public toilet attendant and her teenage daughter get along so badly that they all but lead live apart in the same house. Slight melodrama of urban desperation, strikingly shot but with too much character and not enough plot.

A KMH Film/Academy of Drama and Film production. Starring Izabella Hegyi, Júlia Nyakó, Anita Turóczi, Zoltán Kiss. Directed by Ágnes Kocsis; co-directed by Andrea Roberti; produced by Ferenc Pusztai; written by Ágnes Kocsis and Andrea Roberti; music by Bálint Kovács; director of photography (colour), Ádám Fillenz; costume designer, Fanni Halmi; film editor, Tamás Kollányi.


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