O Fatalista

(Portugal/France, 2005, 103 minutes)

A driver tells his wealthy master the story of his love affairs as they drive around the country, but they’re constantly interrupted by other stories. Stilted, austere update of a classic novel as wry, deadpan comedy; its dry formalism works against it, but there are some minor pleasures along the way.

Paulo Branco presents a Madragoa Filmes/Gemini Films production, with financial support from ICAM and RTP. Starring Rogério Samora, André Gomes, Rita Blanco, Suzana Borges, Patrícia Guerreiro, José Wallenstein, Teresa Madruga, Margarida Villanova, Maria Emília Correia, Adriano Luz, João Baptista, Helena Laureano, Ana Bustorff, Laura Soveral, José Pinto, José Eduardo, Cláudia Teixeira, Miguel Monteiro, Rui Morrison. Directed by João Botelho; produced by Paulo Branco; screenplay (uncredited) by João Botelho, adapted from the novel Jacques the Fatalist and His Master by Denis Diderot; director of photography (colour), Edmundo Díaz; art director, Catarina Amaro; costume designer, Isabel Branco; film editor, Renata Sancho.


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