Xi Zao


(China, 1999, 95 minutes)

An urban executive returns to Beijing to visit his father and retarded brother who run a public bathhouse, and after a few initial misunderstandings realises what he’s been missing. Low-key family melodrama that starts off promisingly but ends up going nowhere through a rather convoluted path, wasting some humourous moments and a couple of endearing performances.

An Imar Film Company presentation/production in conjunction with the Xian Film Studio. Starring Pu Cau Xin, Zhu Xu, Jiang Wu. Directed by Zhang Yang; produced by Peter Loehr; written by Zhang Yang, Liu Fen Dou, Huo Xin, Dhao Yi Nan, Cao Shang Jung; music by Ye Xiao Gang; director of photography (colour), Zhang Jian; art director, Tian Meng; film editor, Yang Hong Yu.


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