Très bien, merci

(France, 2007, 106 minutes)

A harassed accountant is caught up in a series of over-zealous bureaucracies that throw him into a psychiatric hospital to his and his suffering wife’s disbelief. Kafkian wry comedy that builds up a fine head of deadpan absurdities but, despite solid scripting and acting, doesn’t quite know how to escape the dead end it finds itself in.

Paulo Branco presents, in association with Centre National de la Cinématographie, Cinécinéma and Canal Plus, a Gemini Films production. Starring Sandrine Kiberlain, Gilbert Melki, Olivier Cruveiller. Directed by Emmanuelle Cuau; produced by Paulo Branco; written by Emmanuelle Cuau and Agnès Caffin; director of photography (GTC), Bruno de Keyzer; production designer, Véronique Barneoud; costume designer, Dorothée Lissac; film editor, Jackie Bastide.


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