2 Days in Paris

(France/Germany, 2006, 96 minutes)

A French photographer and her current American boyfriend spend two days in Paris on their way back to New York from an Italian holiday, during which theirr relationship is put to the test by all sorts of episodes. Amiable romantic comedy that tries to update Woody Allen’s neurotic humour to more modern times, but doesn’t quite pull it off as it starts running on empty after half an hour; still, quite an achievement for its hyphenate star-director.

A Polaris Film Production & Finance and Tempête Sous Un Crane Production presentation/production, in co-production with 3L Filmproduktion, in association with Backup Media, Rezo Films International and Merica Media. Starring Adam Goldberg, Julie Delpy, Marie Pillet, Albert Delpy; and Daniel Brühl. Directed, written, edited and music composed by Julie Delpy; produced by Christophe Mazodier, Julie Delpy, Thierry Potok; director of photography (Cinepostproduction), Lubomir Bakchev; set designer, Barbara Marc; costume designer, Stephan Rollot.


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