Paranoid Park

(France/USA, 2007, 85 minutes)

A teenage skateboarder from Portland accidentally kills a security guard. Moody, lyrical melodrama of contemporary teenage life, dazzlingly shot in its director's usual dreamy visuals, but with a stronger narrative drive than usual.

An MK2 Diffusion release. Marin Karmitz and Natanael Karmitz present a MK2 production, in association with Meno Film Company, with the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie. Starring Gabe Nevins, Taylor Momsen, Jake Miller, Dan Liu, Lauren McKinney, Scott Green. Directed and edited by Gus van Sant; produced by Neil Kopp, David Cress; screenplay by Gus van Sant, based on the novel by Blake Nelson, Paranoid Park; directors of photography (Foto-Kem), Christopher Doyle, Rain Kathy Li; art director, John Pearson-Denning; costume designer, Chapin Simpson.


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