Call Girl

(Portugal/Brazil, 2007, 141 minutes)

A top call girl is used as bait by a lobbyist to bring a provincial mayor to approve a controversial real estate project. Overlong, spicy political thriller that would do far better with a tighter, less soap-opera script and at much shorter length.

A Lusomundo release. Tino Navarro presents a MGN Filmes/TVI/Lagoa Cultural & Esportiva co-production, with the participation of Lusomundo, with support from ICA/MC, ANCINE and Ibermedia. Starring Soraia Chaves, Ivo Canelas, Nicolau Breyner; and Joaquim de Almeida; with José Raposo, José Eduardo, Maria João Abreu, Custódia Gallego, Ana Padrão, Virgílio Castelo, Luís Mascarenhas, Sofia Grillo, Daniella Faria; with the special participation of Raul Solnado; and Joaquim Leitão. Directed by António-Pedro Vasconcellos; produced by Tino Navarro; screenplay by Tiago R. Santos, from a story by Tiago R. Santos and António-Pedro Vasconcellos; music by Luís Cília; director of photography (Tobis), José António Loureiro; production designer, João Torres; costume designer, Filipe Faísca; film editor, Pedro Ribeiro.


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