Daqui pr'a Frente

(Portugal/France, 2006, 91 minutes)

A suburban beautician lets her political ambitions get in the way of her marriage. Surprisingly amateurish melodrama that doesn't quite know what to do with its characters and ends up going nowhere.

Paulo Branco presents a Clap Filmes production, with the participation of ARTE France and the support of MC/ICAM and RTP. Starring Adelaide de Sousa, António Pedro Figueiredo, Marcello Urgeghe, Rita Durão; with the special participation of Luís Miguel Cintra, Isabel Ruth. Directed and edited by Catarina Ruivo; written by Catarina Ruivo, António Pedro Figueiredo; director of photography (Light Film/Schwarz Film), Rui Poças; production designer, Fernanda Morais; costume designers, Isabel Quadros, Yara Jerónimo. 


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