The Warrior

(Great Britain/Germany/France, 2001, 86 minutes)

In feudal India, a mercenary warrior repents after a mystical vision but finds it's not that easy to leave warrior ways behind. Strikingly photographed and handled but rather thinly-scripted legend; gorgeous to look at, not much of a plot to carry it.

Filmfour presents in association with Senator Film, with the participation of British Screen, developed by Lazennec, a production from The Bureau, developed with the assistance of Équinoxe. Starring Irfan Khan; Puru Chhibber, Sheikh Annuddin, Manoj Mishra, Nanhe Khan, Chander Singh, Hemant Maahor, Mandakini Goswami, Sunita Sharma, Shaukat Baig, Anupam Shyam, Gauri Shankar, Prabhu Ram, Waga Ram, Madhu,  Ajai Rohilla, Noor Mani, Sitaram Panchal, Chander Prakash Vyas, Sanjay, Amit Kumar, Damayanti Marfatia, Trilok Singh, Pushpa Negi, Karuna Sarah Davis, Rakesh Mehra. Directed by Asif Kapadia; produced by Bertrand Faivre; written by Asif Kapadia and Tim Miller; music by Dario Marianelli; director of photography (Deluxe, Panavision), Roman Osin; production designer, Adrian Smith; costume designer, Louise Sterjnsward; film editor, Ewa J. Lind. 


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