The Bucket List

(USA, 2007, 94 minutes)

Two men diagnosed with incurable cancer decide to go out in style, by performing all the items on their list of things to do before you die. Amiable star vehicle that is unsure whether to go for sober weepie or light black comedy and ends up being neither, but still provides some fun along the way largely thanks to its well-cast (if typecast) stars.

Warner Bros. Pictures presents a Zadan-Meron/Reiner-Greisman production; produced in association with Two Ton Films. Starring Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman; Sean Hayes, Beverly Todd; and Rob Morrow. Directed by Rob Reiner; produced by Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, Alan Greisman, Rob Reiner; written by Justin Zackham; music by Marc Shaiman; director of photography (Technicolor), John Schwartzman; production designer, Bill Brzeski; costume designer, Molly Maginnis; film editor, Robert Leighton. 


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