(Portugal, 2007, 102 minutes)

After an unspecified crime, a man runs away with the 16-year old niece he's in love with. Unconvincing melodrama, handsomely shot but amateurishly written and performed. 

Paulo Branco presents, with the participation of MC/ICAM and RTP, a Clap Filmes production. Starring Nuno Melo, Catarina Wallenstein, Francisco Nascimento, Maria João Luís. Directed and edited by José Nascimento; produced by Paulo Branco; written by Alberto Seixas Santos, José Nascimento; music by Nuno Rebelo; director of photography (Light Film/Schwarz Film, DV transferred to 35mm, widescreen), Mário Castanheira; art director, Nuno Gabriel Melo; costume designer, Margarida Marins. 


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