The Tracey Fragments

(Canada, 2007, 77 minutes)

A confused Winnipeg teenager has a mental breakdown while looking for her missing brother. Non-descript melodrama of teenage misery disguised under post-modern split-screen handling; the idea might have something going for it if it was more than just window-dressing to hide the flat narrative.

Bavaria Film International presents a Shadow Shows production, in association with Corvid Pictures and Alcina Pictures; produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and Astral Media, in association with The Movie Network, Movie Central, Rogers Telefund. Starring Ellen Page, Max McCabe-Lokos, Ari Cohen, Erin McMurtry, Slim Twig, Zie Souwand, Martin Villafana; and Julian Richings. Directed by Bruce McDonald; produced by Sarah Timmins; screenplay by Maureen Medved, based on her novel The Tracey Fragments; music by Broken Social Scene; director of photography (colour), Steve Cosens; production designer, Ingrid Jurek; costume designer, Lea Carlson; film editors, Jeremiah Munce and Gareth C. Scales; conceptual design, Jeremiah Munce.


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