Vantage Point

(USA, 2008, 87 minutes)

The US president is shot in a public ceremony in Spain; the shooting is seen from a variety of different point of views that each reveal a little more about the truth behind it and edge towards the solution of the mystery. Clever but disposable B thriller whose only real distinguishing trademarks are its smart multiple-point-of-view gimmick and the expert action handling and editing.

Columbia Pictures presents, in association with Relativity Media, an Original Film production. Starring Dennis Quaid, Matthew Fox, Forest Whitaker, Bruce McGill, Edgar Ramirez, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ayelet Zurer, Zoë Saldana; with Sigourney Weaver; and William Hurt. Directed by Pete Travis; produced by Neal H. Moritz; written by Barry L. Levy; music by Atli Ölvarsson; director of photography (DeLuxe prints, Panavision), Amir Mokri; production designer, Brigitte Broch; costume designer, Luca Mosca; film editor, Stuart Baird. 


alvega said…
Just seen it, too easily dismissed. Ok, it's not the un/released /covered /found /censored version of The Magnificent Ambersons. But just the same, look at what gives in the neighborhood and mostly remember that I'm supposed to be entertained/touched/challenged/whatever right here and now, this is 1st and utmost about consumer goods when we're talking of new flix's, the others are available one way or another.
As so it's refreshing and it caught my eye, I liked it. I would consider it a buck well spent. Isn't that a beaut in times as 'shaken, not stirred' as ours ?

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