The Bridge

(USA, 2005, 91 minutes)

In 2004, 24 people jumped to their deaths from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco; friends and family of the deceased try to come to terms with their losses and understand what would lead them to suicide. Controversial but earnest documentary on a sensitive topic; the fact that the film-makers trained a camera 24/7 on the bridge and actually caught the deaths on film has opened it to accusations of morbid voyeurism and immorality, but whatever the methods involved the result is a thought-provoking, handsomely done and occasionally affecting piece of work.

A Fortissimo Films presentation. IFC presents an Easy There Tiger production. Directed and produced by Eric Steel; inspired by the New Yorker article by Tad Friend, «Jumpers»; music by Alex Heffes; director of photography (colour), Peter McCandless; film editor, Sabine Krayenbühl.


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