Goodnight Irene

(Portugal, 2007, 102 minutes)

A curmudgeonly widower reengages with the world through his outgoing new neighbour, and finds himself at a loss when she disappears without a trace. Amiable character study that lacks a strong narrative drive but provides some minor pleasures along the way courtesy of its excellent lead performance.

Maria João Mayer and François d'Artemare present a Filmes do Tejo II production, supported by Ministério da Cultura/ICAM, RTP and Fundação Horácio Roque. Starring Robert Pugh, Nuno Lopes, Rita Loureiro. Directed and written by Paolo Marinou-Blanco; music by Jaroslaw Bester, Carlos Bica; director of photography (Tobis), Miguel Sales Lopes; art director, João Torres; costume designer, Patrícia Dória; film editors, Vanessa Pimentel, Pedro Ribeiro, Paolo Marinou-Blanco.  


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