This Divided State

(USA, 2005, 89 minutes)

In the fall of 2004, a few weeks before the presidential election, the student board of the Utah Valley State College in the heavily conservative town of Orem, Utah, invited liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to a speaking engagement, and unleashed a controversy that spiralled out of control. Absorbing documentary that is an interesting “time capsule” of the conservative vs. liberal “cultural war” in heartland America in the middle of the George W. Bush presidency.

A Minority Films presentation/production, in association with the Center for American Progress/Campus Progress. Directed and edited by Steven Greenstreet; produced by Steven Greenstreet, Philip Gordon, Kristi Haycock; camera (colour, digital video), Matt Eastin, Wes Eldredge, Steven Greenstreet, Josh Ligiari; Jed Cowley, David Eastin, Chad Hemelstrand, Emily Hibbert, Corom Hughes, Mary Johnston, Scott Larson, Elias Pate, Ellen Quist, Jefferson Quist, Amanda Rollins, Jarond Suman, Ammon van Orden, Bryan Young. 


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