Castle Keep

(USA, 1969, 107 minutes)

During WWII, an American squad in the Ardennes is posted to an isolated castle where the normal laws of logic do not seem to apply. Strange, surreal war movie that seems to have come out fully formed from the Twilight Zone; well made but rather bewildering in its obliqueness. 

Columbia Pictures presents, in association with Filmways, a Martin Ransohoff production; a Filmways picture. Starring Burt Lancaster; co-starring Patrick O'Neal, Jean-Pierre Aumont; Scott Wilson, Tony Bill, Al Freeman, Jr.; James Patterson, Bruce Dern, Michael Conrad, Caterina Boratto; introducing Astrid Heeren; and Peter Falk. Directed by Sydney Pollack; produced by Martin Ransohoff and John Calley; screenplay by Daniel Taradash and David Rayfiel, based on the novel by William Eastlake, Castle Keep; music by Michel Legrand; director of photography (Technicolor, Panavision), Henri Decae; art designer, Rino Mondellini; costume designer, Jacques Fonteray; film editor, Malcolm Cooke. 


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