Chapter 27

(USA, 2006, 84 minutes)

In December 1980, Mark Chapman comes to New York to meet John Lennon and ask for his autograph but, over the course of two days, decides to kill him instead. Bewilderingly dull melodrama of psychosis that seems to exist merely as a somewhat distasteful excuse for an actor to prove his acting chops, which he does to no particular effect.

Peace Arch Entertainment presents an Artina Films production. Starring Jared Leto, Judah Friedlander; and Lindsay Lohan. Directed by J. P. Schaefer; produced by Robert Salerno, Naomi Despres, Alexandra Milchan; screenplay by J. P. Schaefer, inspired by the book by Jack Jones, Let Me Take You Down; music by Anthony Marinelli; director of photography (Technicolor), Tom Richmond; production designer, Kalina Ivanov; costume designer, Ane Crabtree; film editors, Jim Makiej, Andrew Hafitz. 


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