Tropa de Elite

Elite Squad

(Brazil/USA, 2007, 114 minutes)

In 1997 Rio de Janeiro, a SWAT team leader about to become a father looks to train a replacement to lead his drug-busting squad. Violent actioner with documentary overtones that was a huge hit in its native Brazil but has nothing new to offer foreign audiences beyond its exotic setting and energetic handling.

The Weinstein Company, Costa Films and The Latin American Film Company present a Weinstein Company/Posto 9/Feijão Filmes production of a Zazen Produções film, in co-production with Universal Pictures do Brasil and Mega Filmes, in association with Quanta and Costantini Films. Starring Wagner Moura, André Ramiro, Caio Junqueira, Milhem Cortaz, Paulo Vilela, Fernanda de Freitas, Márcia Ribeiro, Fábio Lago. Directed by José Padilha; produced by Marcos Prado, José Padilha; written by José Padilha, Rodrigo Pimentel, Bráulio Mantovani; music by Pedro Bromfman; director of photography (Technicolor), Lula Carvalho; art director, Tulé Peake; costume designer, Cláudia Kopke; film editor, Daniel Rezende.


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