Der Verlorene

The Lost One

(Germany, 1951, 97 minutes)

During WWII, a German researcher is nudged into collaboration with the Nazis and, wracked by guilt, becomes a cold-blooded killer. Oblique, dream-like little-known crime melodrama that remains its acclaimed star's only film as a director and is quite an achievement given the context in which it was produced; its reliance on suggestion rather than explanation in dealing with Germany's then-recent war past doomed it at the time but, while allowing for some powerful film-making, is a strong drawback in trying to make sense of the plot's later developments.

An Arnold Pressburger production. Starring Peter Lorre, Karl John, Helmut Rudolph, Johanna Hofer, Renate Mannhardt, Eva-Ingeborg Scholz, Lotte Rausch, Gisela Trowe, Hansi Wendler, Kurt Meister, Alexander Hunzinger. Directed by Peter Lorre; written by Peter Lorre, Benno Vigny, Axel Eggebrecht; music by Willi Schmidt-Gentner; director of photography (b&w), Vaclav Vich; art director, Franz Schroedter; film editor, C. O. Bartning.


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