La Soledad

(Spain, 2007, 123 minutes)

The daily lives of a young single mother who just moved to Madrid from her native village and a widowed mother of three grown-up daughters. Surprisingly affecting melodrama of modern loneliness, whose highly stylized handling and lack of narrative actually bring out naturalistic performances and a strongly unexpected emotional charge. 

A Fresdeval Films/Wanda Vision/In Vitro Films production, with the participation of TVE and Televisió de Catalunya, with financing from Instituto de Crédito Oficial, with the support of Ministerio de Cultura/ICAA, Institut Català de les Industries Culturals and MEDIA Programme. Starring Sonia Almarcha, Petra Martinez, Miriam Correa, Nuria Mencia, Maria Bazan, Jesus Cracio, Lluis Villanueva, Jose Luis Torrijo, Juan Margallo, Luis Bermejo, Adrian Garcia, Eric Garcia, Carmen Gutierrez, Pep Sais. Directed by Jaime Rosales; produced by Jaime Rosales, José María Morales, Ricard Figueras; written by Jaime Rosales, Enric Rufas; director of photography (Image Laboratories/Fotofilm Deluxe, widescreen), Oscar Duran; art director, Ion Arretxe; costume designers, Eva Arretxe, Asun Arretxe; film editor, Nino Martinez.


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