Arte de Roubar

(Portugal/Spain/Brazil, 2008, 108 minutes)

A couple of unlucky thieves are hired by a vengeful butler to steal a valuable painting from a rural estate, but nothing goes according to the plan. Tiresome heist comedy that substitutes loud farce for subtlety and character development and wastes some good acting on self-important handling.

Stopline Films presents a Stopline Films/Fado Filmes production, in co-production with Nadie Es Perfecto, CCFBR, Cinemate, Galavis Film, SIC; with the participation of RTVV; with financial support from ICA, ANCINE, Ibermedia programme, FICA, Generalitat Valenciana. Starring Ivo Canelas, Enrique Arce; with the participation of Flora Martínez; Nicolau Breyner, Soraia Chaves; with the participation of Maguï Mira. Directed by Leonel Vieira; produced by Leonel Vieira, Luís Galvão Teles, Kiko Martínez; screenplay by Roberto Santiago, João Quadros, based on an original screenplay by João Quadros; music by Nuno Maló; director of photography (Tobis, widescreen), José António Loureiro; art director, João Martins; costume designer, Inés Liverato; film editor, Luca Alverdi.


Anonymous said…
Agree. Complete waste of time.

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