Amália - O Filme

(Portugal, 2008, 122 minutes)

The life of Portuguese star singer Amália Rodrigues, whose successful international career was marred by a series of romantic mishaps. Dull, fanciful biopic that resolves itself in a series of unconnected episodes and never rises above the level of a perfunctory TV movie of the week. 

A VC Filmes presentation/production, in co-production with RTP and with the investment of FICA. Starring Sandra Barata Belo; Carla Chambel, Ricardo Carriço, António Pedro Cerdeira, Ricardo Pereira; special participation by António Montez. Directed by Carlos Coelho da Silva; produced by Manuel S. Fonseca; written by Pedro Marta Santos, João Tordo; music by Nuno Maló; director of photography (Light Film/Tóbis/Deluxe), Carlos Santana; art director, Augusto Mayer; costume designer, Sílvia Meireles; film editors, Ricardo Mesquita, Pedro Santana.


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