Du Bei Dao Wang

Return of the One-Armed Swordsman

(Hong Kong, 1969, 104 minutes)

Fang Gang, the One-Armed Swordsman, decides to help as the eight evil Sword Kings move to subjugate the region. A direct sequel of 1967's One-Armed Swordsman, this martial arts melodrama is a much better movie in terms of scripting and production, featuring more lively action setpieces and a surprisingly thoughtful, downbeat ending.

Celestial Pictures presents a Shaw Brothers Studio presentation/production. Starring Wang Yu; co-starring Lina Chiao, Essie Lin Chia; Tien Feng, Cheng Lei, Ku Feng. Directed and written by Chang Cheuh; produced by Runme Shaw; music by Wang Fu Ling; director of photography (colour, Shawscope), Kung Mu To; art director, Chen Chi Jui; costume designer, Li Chi; film editor, Chiang Hsing Loong; action scenes choreographed by Tang Chia, Liu Chia Liang.


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