Dubei dao

One-Armed Swordsman

(Hong Kong, 1967, 111 minutes)

A proud martial arts student accidentally loses an arm to his master's daughter, but becomes the last best hope to save his school after a competing master schemes to bring it down. Martial arts melodrama that is basically a western in disguise, with a stronger script than usual for the genre; looks quite tame these days but was groundbreaking, and a huge commercial success, at its time.

Celestial Pictures presents a Shaw Brothers Studio presentation/production. Starring Wang Yu, Chiao Chiao, Pan Yin-Tze; guest starring Huang Chung-Shun. Directed by Chang Cheh; produced by Runme Shaw; written by Chang Cheh, Ni Kuang; music by Wang Foo-Ling; director of photography (color, Shawscope), Yuan Chen San; art director, Chen Ching-Shen; film editor, Chiang Hsing-Loong; action sequences choreographed by Liu Chia-Liang, Tang Chia.


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