(Great Britain/Ireland, 2008, 96 minutes)

In the Maze prison in Northern Ireland in 1981, IRA prisoner Bobby Sands enters a hunger strike that will eventually kill him after two months. Extraordinary accomplished debut feature by an acclaimed fine artist that is neither an apologia nor a biopic but an atmospheric, non-linear meditation on humanity, violence and religion, closer in tone and construction to an art installation than to classic narrative cinema.

An Icon release. Film4 presents, in association with Northern Ireland Screen, Broadcasting Commission of Ireland and the Wales Creative IP Fund, a Blast! Films production. Starring Michael Fassbender, Liam Cunningham, Stuart Graham. Directed by Steve McQueen; produced by Laura Hastings-Smith, Robin Gutch; written by Enda Walsh and Steve McQueen; music by David Holmes with Leo Abrahams; director of photography (Todd AO/DeLuxe, widescreen), Sean Bobbitt; production designer, Tom McCullagh; costume designer, Anushia Nieradzik; film editor, Joe Walker. 


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