Shin Du Bei Dao

The New One-Armed Swordsman
Triple Irons

(Hong Kong, 1971, 98 minutes)

A young, arrogant swordsman is tricked into cutting off his arm by an older, jealous master, and, humiliated, retreats from martial arts until his talents are required to avenge a slain friend. Third in the One-Armed Swordsman series is essentially a restart of the franchise with a new actor playing a new character in a new story along the lines of the original movie, with added production values and more accomplished handling.

Celestial Pictures presents a Shaw Brothers Studio presentation/production. Starring Li Ching, Ti Lung; David Chiang. Directed by Chang Cheh; produced by Runme Shaw; written by I Kuang; music by Chen Yung Yu; director of photography (colour, Shawscope), Kung Mu Tu; art director, Johnson Tsao; costume designer, Li Chi; film editor, Kuo Ting Hung; action sequences choreographed by Tang Chia, Liu Chia Liung.


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