Un crime

A Crime

(France, 2006, 101 minutes)

A young woman desperately in love with a neighbour who is still obsessing over his wife's murder three years earlier seduces a taxi driver in order to frame him for the crime. Ingeniously plotted but half-hearted attempt at modern noir, fatally hampered by an unconvincing female lead.

Michèle and Laurent Pétin present an ARP production. Starring Harvey Keitel, Emmanuelle Béart, Norman Reedus. Directed by Manuel Pradal; produced by Michèle and Laurent Pétin; written by Tonino Benacquista and Manuel Pradal; director of photography (Duart, LTC), Yorgos Arvanitis; production designer, Stephanie Carroll; costume designer, Michael Clancy; film editor, Jennifer Augé.


Mike said…
Sorry... I loved it. EB was not miscast and delivered... for me, which is important... a convincing role in an almost absurb but absorbing plot. Keitl always wins me, too. And I even think Vincent, as dogged as he was, did magnificently. Five stars, man... nothing less.
waldog2006 said…
Me, too. Béart and Keitel keep you watching, and the New York locales give it oodles of atmosphere. Let down by the ending, though, which was far too pat.

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