(Portugal, 2008, 99 minutes)

A contract killer returns to his home country for a hit that turns out to be loaded with traps. Failed attempt at hardboiled thriller, courtesy of seriously amateurish scripting and inappropriate casting.

Hora Mágica presents a Hora Mágica/TVI co-production, with the financial support of ICA. Starring Pedro Lima, Cláudia Vieira, Vítor Norte, Sofia Aparício, José Wallenstein, José Raposo, Joaquim Nicolau, George Felner, José Boavida, Adelaide João; guest starring Pedro Granger; with the special participation of Nicolau Breyner. Directed by Nicolau Breyner; produced by Isabel Chaves; screenplay by Pedro Bandeira Freire, adapted by Álvaro Romão and Nicolau Breyner, based on the novel by Dinis Machado, Requiem para D. Quixote; music by Elvis Veiguinha, José Manuel Afonso; director of photography (Tobis), José António Loureiro; art director, Pedro Sá; costume designer, Isabel Quadros; film editor, João Braz.


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