(Mexico, 1951, 85 minutes)

A young woman escapes the reformatory and finds shelter at a rural ranch where she seduces every man in sight and turns them against each other. Superb melodrama of sin and punishment that is undermined at every step by its director's sensual, subversive yet totally straight style.

An Internacional Cinematografica presentation/production, distributed by Columbia Pictures. Starring Fernando Soler, Rosita Quintana, and Victor Manuel Mendoza; with María Gentil Arcos, Luís López Somoza and Matilde Palou. Directed by Luís Buñuel; original screenplay by Manuel Reachi; adaptation and dialogue, Jaime Salvador; additional dialogue, Rodolfo Usigli; music by Raúl Lavista; director of photography (b&w), José Ortiz Ramos; production designer, Gunther Gerszo; film editor, Jorge Bustos.


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