4 Copas

(Portugal, 2008, 104 minutes)
A young woman decides to seduce her stepmother's lover to send her back to the arms of the father, but didn't count on falling in love with him. Intriguing romantic drama whose unusual plotline and excellent performances are undermined by an ending that is both too neat and too pedestrian for the sensitive observations that have come before. The two female leads are outstanding.
A Rosa Filmes presentation/production, with the support of ICA; co-financed by RTP. Starring Rita Martins, Margarida Marinho, Filipe Duarte, João Lagarto. Directed by Manuel Mozos; produced by Maria João Sigalho; written by Cláudia Sampaio, Octávio Rosado, Manuel Mozos; music by Mariana Ricardo; director of photography (Tobis), José António Loureiro; production designer, Fernanda Morais; costume designer, Patrícia Dória; film editors, Pedro Marques, Manuel Mozos.


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