A Esperança Está Onde Menos se Espera

(Portugal, 2009, 123 minutes)

A well-off teenager is forced to move to a problem high school after his soccer coach father is fired for being honest and is unable to find a new job. Well-done but derivative melodrama whose director is clearly interested in exploring areas the soap-opera-level script doesn't want to go.

A ZON Lusomundo release. Tino Navarro presents a MGN Filmes production, in co-production with RTP; with the participation of ZON Lusomundo; with the investment of FICA; with the support of ICA. Starring Carlos Nunes, Virgílio Castelo, Alcídia Vaz, José Carlos Cardoso, Ana Padrão. Directed by Joaquim Leitão; produced by Tino Navarro; written by Tino Navarro, Manuel Arouca; music by Luís Cília; director of photography (Tobis, widescreen), José António Loureiro; art director, João Torres; costume designer, Filipe Faísca; film editor, Pedro Ribeiro. 


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