Uma Rapariga no Verão

(Portugal, 1986, 80 minutes)

A confused young girl leaves the boyfriend who pines for her but they seem to be unable to get away from each other. No-budget drama shot in 16mm, barely released at the time of its production and as confused as its main characters; more interesting as a time capsule of the visual and narrative strategies of the mid 1980s than as a feature in its own right.

A Trópico Filmes presentation/production; subsidised by Instituto Português do Cinema and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian; with the financial participation of RTP. Starring Isabel Galhardo, Diogo Dória; José Manuel Mendes, Joaquim Leitão, João Perry. Directed and written by Vítor Gonçalves; music by Andrew Poppy; director of photography (colour, 16mm), Daniel del Negro; additional photography, Mário de Carvalho; wardrobe, Pedro Costa, Paula Ferreira; film editor, Ana Luísa Guimarães.


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