Until the Next Resurrection

(Russia, 2008, 90 minutes)

A documentary following a small group of inhabitants of the Russian city of Kaliningrad who died of alcoholism, drug use or disease. Alternately fascinating and harrowing documentary that treads a very fine line between cautionary tale and heartless exploitation.

A ReProduction production. 
With Yevgeny Yegorov, Viktor Mytin, Tatyana Shashko, Aleksander Chichkanev, Yulya Ystomina, Zhanna Serebryakova.
Directed by Oleg Morozov; produced by Aleksander Slavin, Larisa Bekh; written by Oleg Morozov and Oleg Dane; photography (colour), Oleg Morozov, Larisa Bekh, Igor Ryazantsev; film editors, Oleg Morozov, Larisa Bekh.


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