Ne change rien

(Portugal/France, 2009, 103 minutes)

A documentary following French actress Jeanne Balibar rehearsing for her rock performances with musician Rodolphe Burger and for a role in Jacques Offenbach's operetta La Périchole. Not so much a traditional documentary, more of a breathtakingly moody tone poem that will be mainly of interest to fans of the director and the star, but manages to grasp the essence of music making without really seeming to try.

A Sociedade Óptica Técnica production, in co-production with Red Star Cinéma; associate producer, Cinematrix; financially supported by ICA, RTP, Centre Nationale de la Cinématographie.
With Jeanne Balibar, Rodolphe Burger, Hervé Loos, Arnaud Dieterlen, Marco de Oliveira, Joël Theux.
Directed and photographed (b&w) by Pedro Costa; sound, Philippe Morel, Olivier Blanc, Vasco Pedroso; film editor, Patrícia Saramago.


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