(Denmark/Germany/Belgium/Sweden/Italy/Poland/France, 2009, 108 minutes)

Traumatised by the accidental death of their two-year-old son, a Seattle couple move to a remote cabin in the woods for the psychiatrist husband to help the wife recover – but a sense of evil seems to take over.
Bewildering combination of hysterical melodrama and moody psychological horror jolted to life by a number of rather gratuitous and quite unpleasant graphic shots of violence and sex; while the presentation and performances are undeniably talented, the director doesn't quite seem to know where he's getting at.

A Zentropa Entertainments23 presentation/production; executive co-produced by Zentropa International Köln, Slot Machine; co-produced by Memfis Film, Trollhättan Film, Lucky Red, Zentropa International Poland; also co-produced by Danmarks Radio, ARTE France Cinéma, ZDF-ARTE, Groupe Grand Accord, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television; with the participation of Centre National de la Cinématographie, Canal Plus, TrustNordisk, SF Film, Nordisk Film Cinema Distribution; with the support of the Danish Film Institute, Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Polish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute. 
Starring Willem Dafoe, Charlotte Gainsbourg.
Directed and written by Lars von Trier; produced by Meta Louise Foldager; director of photography (Nordisk Film Shortcut, widescreen), Anthony Dod Mantle; production designer, Karl "Kalli" Juliusson; costume designer, Frauke Firl; film editor, Anders Refn; visual effects supervisor, Peter Hjorth; make-up effects and special props, Morten Jacobsen, Thomas Foldberg. 


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Superbly well put! I couldn't agree more.

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